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I've got a final offer for you and that's the very cool Descriptomatic Elite software!

Simply enter  a selection of the search terms you want to rank your videos for and Descriptomatic, through automation and smart 'prompting', will create multiple, perfectly formatted search engine optimized video descriptions. Great for your Playlists and Channel descriptions too!
  • Multiple 'formatted' Descriptions with just one click 
  • Relevant 'curated' content & links out to Authority sites 
  • Clickable 'timed' chapter links to your video content
  • List of 'related' search terms
  • Clickable #Hashtags
  • Links to your 'Money' site or offer
  • Links to your Social Media profiles
  • Links to your Video, Playlist & Channel
  • Edit the results inside the software or 'autosave' to text files
  • Completely 'White Hat'
Descriptomatic simply saves you time while creating perfect results. The essential tool for any serious video marketer...
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