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Hi, Clive here and when Adam introduced me to his Tube Channel Mastery course it filled a real gap in my own video marketing regime and in the way I set up my channels.

I've had more than a little video marketing success myself -  that I have shared in my 3000 strong video marketing membership site - but Adam's training raised my game and I've since concentrated on building my YouTube channel's 'Authority' and so I reached out to Adam as I had some very cool tactics of my own to add to the mix to supplement, and complement , his training...
I've called it Authority Ninja  and yes I know that Ninja word gets overused Big Time - sorry!  But what this training shows you ( and you get a free piece of software to help speed the process up) is how to find High Authority Videos and Channels that you can interact with, in a White Hat way, and by doing so INCREASE your own channel's authority in Google and YouTube's eyes!

And as Adam explains in Tube Channel Mastery that's the 'secret' to getting your videos ranked higher, faster. You now have the inside track that your competition does not!

I'll be selling this as a full course in it's own right in the future at a higher price but it's yours today at this low price as a thank you for investing in Adam's Tube Channel Mastery - it's an editable Google document, or save as a .pdf, so it will be constantly updated as needs be, and walk thru videos of the process.

No fluff or padding just cool actionable content to take your Channel(s) to a High Authority quickly. 
Over and above the tactics and the training I'm also adding, as a free bonus, software to help speed up the process. It's called RPI Checker, Windows based software that tells you the 'Ranking Power Index' of any YouTube video or channel.

Those videos and channels, of course, are the ones you most need to 'interact'  with as detailed in the Authority Ninja training.

Raise Your Channel Authority FAST - Get Authority Ninja NOW!
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